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The Addiction-prone Personality

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The production of this book represents a culmination for me of some 25 years of interest in the field of personality and substance use and abuse. In choosing the field of substanceuse and abuse for the focus of our research, all of the investi- tors collaborating in this research have been sustained by the awareness that the work we are doing has an important purpose. Substance abuse continues to have enormous impacts on individuals and families,and prevention and treatment - proaches developed to date have not always been as successful as we would hope to see. New advances in our fundamental understanding of the causal mec- nisms involved in the development ofaddiction may be necessary to advance our success in developing new forms of prevention and treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. The work in this book builds on the work of numerous previous investi- tors who have been drawn to investigate this topic. As you will notice in the extensive reference list, there have been hundreds of articles published on this topic. Although each of these references has added a small piece to our und- standing of the relationship between personality and alcohol abuse, the majority of these studies have been done on clinical samples and often involved no control groups or poorly matched control groups. Several important previous longitu- nal investigations have been conducted,but these investigations have usually not included general population samples or comprehensivepersonality test batteries.

Outside The Addiction

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Susan Green is a single mother raising three children. She has had it rough... But, always managed... Until now. Susan's daughter, Tina, has been acting strange. She has always been a very calm child, then one day she began acting out in anger. Her mother is worried it may be drugs. In her attempt to find out what is going on with her daughter, Susan finds out more than she can bargain for. Susan's life changes and not for the better, she is faced with a demon that she can't control. How can she fight for a life that's not hers to fight for. Can Susan save her daughter?

Drugs And Addictions

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As a psychologist, and after years of study, I wanted to create books from the material I have gathered over the years to make available to the public. My books, beginning with my first book - STRESS, We Can Master It- are laid out in a way that everyone can understand. Psychological theories, definitions, analysis can be rather daunting for those who are not involved in this particular field. Knowing this, I tried to simplify, to a point, as best I could this material to make it readable and comprehensible to the everyday person. I am sure whoever would read this book will gain a little something that can help them in some way. You will read in this third book in my series: What are Drugs and what is Addiction? Why People use Drugs Marijuana: The Myth and the Reality. Opiates (Heroin). Amphetamines/ Methamphetamines (Speed) Cocaine Hallucinogens (Ecstasy, LSD). An in Depth Analysis of Addiction Drugs and Personality Disorders I Drugs and Personality Disorders II Withdrawal- An Addict's Worst Nightmare Reading the book you will likely obtain a helpful insight in to drugs and addictions and discover things you did not know which could either help you or someone you know.

Healing Without Drugs

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Your health is always your concern and not your doctor's concern. However, today the people are made to believe that their health depends on doctors and the healthcare system! It has made the people unnecessarily dependent on the medical profession. On the other side the healthcare system has become extremely expensive, and the issues of health have become too technical and complicated for the common man to comprehend. However, this should not dishearten you since you can learn to maintain your health WITHOUT depending on doctors, medicines or hospitals. And you can do this by simply learning to think holistically and by taking the simple self-help measures that can restore your health and keep you healthy. The know-how on how you can do it is adequately provided in this book.

From The Darkness Of Addiction To The Dawn Of Recovery

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This book is very easy to read and understand for everyone. In our book I refer to the family members of the drug and alcohol addicted person as the victims of the addiction. This book goes into detail about how the addiction affects each family member and how the family can go into treatment as a family, regain the family unity and love they once knew. This book will show you what a child goes through from birth on into adulthood that was born into a family unit that has been afflicted with drug and alcohol addiction. In this book there is up-to-date information on all the street drugs, how to look for alcohol and drug use in the work place, and the medical illnesses related to heavy drug and alcohol addiction. You will learn about the three levels of addiction, the long road home, the intervention into the family unit, and much more. This book also goes into detail about the long process of addiction and how it brings a person to the point of death or to the lowest levels of life. You will learn about the whole process from detoxification through the treatment of the addiction. I am sure there is knowledge in this book that you have never seen before in any other book on this subject. We have tried to take every issue related to addiction and the family to its core. A counselor must have hope and faith in their skills, knowing that they can help someone turn their life around and achieve sobriety. Every counselor is always looking for that light to start shining in their client because that moment that client's light starts to shine is their "Dawn of Recovery."


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